Identify non-pregnant cows easily and effectively

How it works

Milk samples are collected and transported to your


As part of routine milk control, your samples can be tested for pregnancy specific proteins (PAG's), indicating if a cow is pregnant or not. You can also self sample and post the sample to the lab.

Trusted ELISA technology provides accurate results on par with palpation and ultrasound.

Results are reported by text message, email or post.





Sample collection




* De Vries et al, Economics of improved reproductive performance in dairy cattle (Publication AN 156, Gainesville FL, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agriculture Science; 2005) 




by reducing non-pregnant days

Your Benefits

Better reproductive performance

Identifying the non-pregnant cows sooner helps the farmer re-inseminate them quicker

Better profitability

Every day a cow is non-pregnant costs between €3.70 - €6.10*

No drafting of cows

Once the testing window has been chosen then the service automatically happens through your milk recording service

Cows are back out to grass sooner

The service offers less handling of the cows for the farmer, which in turns means less stress for the cows

Cost saving

*Esslemont R.J, Kossaibati M. (2002) The costs of poor fertility and disease in UK dairy herds: trends in DAISY herds over 10 seasons

Save time and money whilst maximising milk production. The easiest way to identify non-pregnant cows and take appropriate action.

Helps to reduce visitors on farm

Collect your milk samples using the self-sampling kits to minimise personal contact.






Test options

Reproductive performance improves when farmers, veterinarians and breeding companies work together to identify non-pregnant animals throughout gestation and to take appropriate action.

Early Test: 

From 28 days post AI

To identify non-pregnant cows as early as possible, so the cow can be re-inseminated quickly.

Option 1

Kit via post, contact us to order kits and pay as you use

How to order ?

Option 2

Using milk recording samples, contact us for full details

Confirmation Test:

70-110 days

To detect early embryonic death.

Pre dry-off:

Late gestation

To avoid drying off a non-pregnant cow in anticipation of calving.

Detects highly specific markers of pregnancy

The Alertys™  Milk Pregnancy Test from IDEXX  detects highly specific markers of pregnancy: pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs). Unlike progesterone levels that fluctuate naturally during a cycle, PAGs are only produced in the presence of an embryo or fetus.

According to others

William Griffin, Carlow

“The test is great and non-intrusive, with no added stress for cows or me! Anything that saves labour, is a plus in my book!”

Quick, accurate and easy, the test allows me to know if a cow is pregnant or not after just 28 days! I find it particularly useful for those “she might have held cows!”.

George Beattie, Wicklow

“I do the test through my milk recordings, so all I have to do is get a list of the cows! There is no hassle, no stress, no handling! Milk Pregnancy Testing is my primary form of pregnancy confirmation.”

Fran Allen, Kildare

We have been using the milk pregnancy tests – the postal version for 3 years and find it very good! The test allows me to focus on cows that come back empty, and actions can be taken on them, I wouldn’t be without it to be honest.”

Pierce Deegan, Carlow

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